The SONGSMITH album is available on vinyl. The audiophile 180g vinyl pressing features a special inlay and of course includes a download coupon for the entire album in fabulous 24bit/96kHz resolution. You can buy or order it at your local record store and through several online retailers.

Three Part TV Series

Swiss TV SRF produced a mini series on Hank Shizzoe and his music. The videos focus on Hank’s roots, songwriting and guitar playing with an emphasis on slide guitar. All the interviews are in swiss german. Check out the clips on youtube: PART I – ROOTS PART II – SLIDE GUITAR PART III – SONGWRITING Read the full article…


SONGSMITH, Hank Shizzoe’s 13th album is released on Blue Rose Records on May 2nd 2014. The album was produced by Stephan Eicher with whom Hank has been playing since 2011. Hank Shizzoe and Stephan Eicher are joined by Simon Baumann, Reyn Ouwehand and Shirley Grimes. One track features Michael Flury (trombone) and Baptiste Germser (bass) Read the full article…

Get “iTune” for free

Think More© Desktop

Here’s iTune (Song For Jony), the first single from SONGSMITH. Listen to it here or download it for free. MP3 format. To download right click the rocket and select “download linked file”. Or similar.         And here’s the desktop picture that goes with it:

Download the SONGSMITH Lyrics

The digipacks and LP sleeves for SONGSMITH do not contain a booklet. However, should you wish to read the lyrics and credits you can do so by downloading this PDF-file. In the not too distant future there will be an ePub version with enhanced content. Songsmith Lyrics

Spaceblog Episode 1

Spaceblog Episode 1

Hello from Mission Control. Here’s Episode 1 directly from the Rocket cockpit. In this episode there seems to be some confusion as to where the journey is heading. All will be revealed…