Why Don’t You Love Me? – A Hank Williams Songbook

Hank Shizzoe & Claudia Bettinaglio
All Over The Place

CD, Erb Musik/C. Bettinaglio
Hank Shizzoe and Claudia Bettinaglio sing and play Hank Williams: 12 Songs by one of the Masters of songcraft as you have never heard them before. “Why Don‘t You Love Me? – A Hank Williams Songbook” is not a country-album featuring the hits. It‘s a tribute, an hommage, an adventure.
“Why Don‘t You Love Me?” – Hank Shizzoe and Claudia Bettinaglio say: “But we do!” This CD is more than just a collection of cover versions. Hank Williams‘ songs get kidnapped and sent on holiday. Reggae, Lounge, Cyberblues, Thrash-Metal, Electronica, Gospel, Hula or Worldpop – these songs work on a multitude of levels and in many diffe- rent settings off the beaten track.
“Why Don‘t You Love Me?” is not a Country & Western record. Hank Shizzoe and Claudia Bettinaglio took two years of their time to work, play and sing on these songs. The result is a CD that takes its hat off to one of the great songwriters of the 20th century and zooms through the decades. Bold, respectful, energetic and fresh – a different perspective on these timeless classics and a loving tribute. Like every great work of art, Hank Williams‘ masterpieces show the tragic, beautiful, dark and light side of human existence. 13 tracks, 12 songs – not the obvious choices from the catalog of one of the true masters of songcraft. You‘re in for a surprise!