«HEICHO – Der Blues des Walter Liniger» Original Soundtrack

Hank Shizzoe
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Digital Release on bandcamp.com

In 2018 photographer extraordinaire Reto Camenisch approached me for an original score for his first feature documentary. «HEICHO» tells the story of Walter Liniger, a swiss musician and teacher who more than 40 years ago left Europe and settled in Oxford, Mississippi, USA. Liniger the musician became a teacher and professor, moved to South Carolina and finally back to Switzerland.
Reto Camenisch tells Walter Liniger’s story in his debut as a film maker. It is a complex story about a man who has something to say, captured in hauntingly beautiful pictures filmed in the deep south of the US and in the heart of Europe. It is an honest, straightforward film, and I was honoured to contribute the score. Not all of the tunes got used in the theatrical release. Here they are for your listening pleasure.
Original Score produced and performed by Hank Shizzoe.

Engineered by Joe Racine at Sportstudio Länggasse, Berne.
Original track format: WAVE, 24bit/44.1kHz

Website «HEICHO» Film

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